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Let's Talk About Beer

For most people, we identify that golden amber colored liquid with the heavenly frothy top as the casual go to drink you may enjoy during happy hour after a hard day of work, watching a sports game, or even at home while you hang out with your friends. In the most recent years beer has evolved, breaking all the stereotypes and becoming the new “it” alcoholic drink. With new home brewing kits on the market and the emergence of craft beer and micro-breweries all over the world, beer’s wide spectrum of taste profiles are starting to become globally noticed.

So what is beer exactly? It’s an alcoholic beverage (clearly) brewed from a slow fermentation of malted cereal grain, yeast and water. Now, before you go on and say that beer is just not your thing, you have to understand that there are many different styles and variations of beer, with so many flavor options there has to be a beer out there for everyone. Discover the world of beer through the Beer Category of The Flambé.

The Flambé site, whether you are a beer connoisseur or just a modest on occasion drinker, you will find a plethora of jaw dropping information, or maybe not jaw dropping, that might be a tiny bit exaggerated.

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